Dear WordPress, I’m a writer. I’m old. I’m tired, and I just finished the third frick’n book! David Alexander

Author David B. Alexander, losing it.

Longue Duree, Extending Life


 Books I, II, and III, available on Amazon.

I reached up right now and slowly pushed the tip of my finger against a minuscule flying insect on my computer screen. I felt nothing as I smashed its life into a cream, and wiped it from the letters beneath it. I wondered if our Creator looks at us with as much affection. As my eyes are getting tired, and my thoughts have begun to wander, I have lost my direction on this page. I must go and sleep. If I wake up in the morning, I may tell you about my wives… Maybe not?


 Books I, II, and III, available on Amazon.


Each book begins and ends, without cliffhangers, and contains

adult situations that may offend conservative readers.


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Author: David Alexander

Writer David Alexander’s life has had as many twists and plot changes as his books. College in Cincinnati for commercial art was sidelined for the construction industry. His writing started there, as therapy for the stress of owning a business. David learned to sail, and vacationed on a sailboat in the Caribbean, every December. He fell in love with St. Croix and shut down the Ohio business permanently. Moving 2200 miles, he built and ran condominiums in St. Croix, USVI. Now, living on the east coast of Florida, David builds interiors for 70’ luxury yachts. The years of stories in the marinas, and experiences in many countries, fuel the keyboard of this lucky writer. He has done with little effort what many hope to experience on their bucket list.

One thought on “Dear WordPress, I’m a writer. I’m old. I’m tired, and I just finished the third frick’n book! David Alexander”

  1. Hi David, I like that extraordinary life… The at first book , “What would you pay to stay young”.?Garbed my interested…Is it in the stores?
    My Answer to this would be:
    My new passion for sailing in the Caribbean Island on Lady Natalie.
    She is so beautiful.
    Yet when I am home I get to enjoy Waterbaby on Lake Simcoe. So nice too.


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