Working Overtime, Louis at over 120 years old, has an affair, and got caught. He still looks like a young man. Longue Durée III. (Extending Life)

The exhaust fan and the bathroom lights went off. The door opened slowly, and a beautiful and fragrant Aisha emerged, ready to play.
“OH! Mrs. Montgomery?”



“Okay, everyone, get out of here. Work starts for the people in this room at ten, tomorrow. Thanks for staying late tonight.”
The building was vacated in the next sixty seconds. I went to my office and poured another rum and coke. I sat on the far end of my couch and pulled the handle on the recliner. My feet came up, and I relaxed for a few minutes.
There was a light tap on my door and it opened slowly.
“Entré.” I answered.
Aisha came in wearing a short black dress, heels, and her shiny black hair down across her shoulders. She spun around, looked through the window in my door, and spun the handle that closed the louvers.
“Wow, I like the back of your dress.”
“You mean the lack of a back, on my dress?”
“Yes, that’s it.” I dropped my feet back to the floor. She dropped between my knees and we hugged each other. We kissed and then I lifted her to her feet.
“Wait, I need to freshen up.” She closed the door to my bathroom, and I heard the exhaust fan humming. I turned off the big ceiling lights and reduced the illumination to the lamp on my desk. I heard my door being rattled and bumped, and I wondered how Aisha got on the other side of the door. I rushed to the door and opened it.
“Hi, Louis, why is your door locked?”
“What are you doing here? I thought you were at home with your mother?”
“No, I knew you were going to be working late, so mom brought me over here and dropped me off. I thought maybe I could help, and catch a ride back home with you.”
The exhaust fan and the bathroom lights went off. The door opened slowly, and a beautiful and fragrant Aisha emerged, ready to play.
“OH! Mrs. Montgomery?” Her face was showing guilt.
Sandra looked from Aisha to me, then she looked at her again, and looked at me. Without a word, she turned and left my office.
“I am so sorry, Louis.” Said Aisha.
“It’s not your fault. I wanted you, too. I guess I better go to her.”
“Yes, I will close your office. I am soooo sorry.”
I rushed from the office and through the now vacant security area. I went past Aisha’s desk and through the glass doors.

In the grass, halfway to my Jag, was Sandra. She was holding her stomach, in severe pain. I picked her up and put her in the car. She passed out as I fastened her seatbelt. I called Doc as I drove.



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Author: David Alexander

Writer David Alexander’s life has had as many twists and plot changes as his books. College in Cincinnati for commercial art was sidelined for the construction industry. His writing started there, as therapy for the stress of owning a business. David learned to sail, and vacationed on a sailboat in the Caribbean, every December. He fell in love with St. Croix and shut down the Ohio business permanently. Moving 2200 miles, he built and ran condominiums in St. Croix, USVI. Now, living on the east coast of Florida, David builds interiors for 70’ luxury yachts. The years of stories in the marinas, and experiences in many countries, fuel the keyboard of this lucky writer. He has done with little effort what many hope to experience on their bucket list.

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